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Welcome to Universities Abroad Link

At Universities Abroad Link we like to think more about you than about us. But if you really want to know more then do read on!
A (very) brief history.
Universities Abroad Link started life in 2006 providing information on university courses to prospective students. It turned out to be extremely useful for international students, so we now operate in countries all over the world providing helpful services for prospective international students. These services include a searchable database of over 100,000 courses, the ability to compare courses online, and loads of useful and timely advice through our online newsletters and student forums.
Its all about people. 
Universities Abroad Link is a group of people who work together to try and make a little bit of good in the world. We understand how important it is for people to realize their potential through education and we do what we can to support you.
It's also about an idea...
...and that idea is simple – to provide you with the very best, most up-to-date, helpful and exciting information on studying overseas. If you want to find out absolutely anything about studying at universities, colleges and schools around the world, you’ll find it right here...

Entry Requirements


University and College entry requirements are different for each course and each level of study, it is important to research all options, requirements do not always mean that the course is of higher quality. Look at career outcomes of previous students, reputation of the institution; we can help you getting the best course for you today, contact us today for more information on different collages and university around the world today.

  • Scholarships

    scholarships We at Universities Abroad Link understand that studying abroad might be very costly to you, as such we are dedicated to assist you apply for studentships, scholarships, bursaries or tuition fees reduction. On top of all this we will advise you on monetary issues while studying abroad.

Career Counseling


The Admissions Counseling Services (ACS) is an amalgamation of highly specialized and customized services provided to study abroad aspirants with an aim to optimize their chances of obtaining admission into the best possible universities/institutes. Applicants are provided specialized, one-on-one services from start (i.e. university selection) to finish (i.e. visa counseling), all pplicants are serviced by experts who are highly experienced professionals some of whom have themselves studied abroad,

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